Our company was founded and run by former Investment bankers with more than 20 years experience in the investment banking field. We are specialized in structuring successful financial solutions for corporates and high net worth individuals and firms.

We are active in the following transactions:

• International & local credits (debt, mortgage and refinancing)
• Financial restructuring
• Mergers & Acquisitions (International investors' network)
• Commodity trade and trade finance
• Foreign Private Equity Funds
• Foreign or Local Leasing Transactions
• Financially Driven Charter Transactions
• Acquisitions of distressed assets
• Direct investments
• Silent partners
• Corporate bonds
• Shipping sale and lease back transactions

The main sectors of interest are;

• Transportation finance (Ships, Yachts, Aircrafts, Trains)
• Ports, ship-yards, airports
• Energy
• Commercial real estate and related projects - including hotels with international franchises
• Logistical operations
• However, we are ready to look at other feasible and sizable projects in other sectors.

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